Hi there friend!

So I'm guessing you're on this page, trying to find out:

  • Is Quick Point a legit company?
  • Can Jake and his team actually help me get more patients for my Med Spa?
  • If he full of [email protected]$%...or is this a team I might enjoy working with?
  • Is it worth a conversation?

Cool. Those are all important questions! I would ask the same thing. 

Truth is, there are gazillions of marketers out there "selling the dream". You'll just have to decide for yourself whether we're the right ones to help you...or its someone else. 

We do things differently here. From our Copilot Branding Blueprint™ to our Force Multiplier Method, our clients attest that it's so valuable to their business, it would be silly not to work with us. 

But thats for you to decide 🙂


So, In the meantime, our job is to be as helpful as possible, regardless of your plan. Don't forget to check out our resources pages for some good things we've put together for you.



Serious about growing your business? Get a strategy that'll work this time.

digital marketing rocket seo blast off

How we can help you get more customers:

We've been working with small businesses for years now, and naturally, we've "worked out the kinks" for those that want to turn on the gas. Maybe this is is you...maybe not...

...but this is what we're good at.


Do you want a steady stream of customers coming in your door everyday, but you’ve thrown thousands of dollars at getting online leads--and it never worked?

...This is probably making you feel skeptical, overwhelmed, and anxious?

I know what that feels like, and we used to do things wrong ourselves! But we stepped back, and figured out why it wasn’t working, and built a unique system that has been helping our clients over the last 2 yrs to triple their business, put them at #1 on Google, and help them fly well above their competition.

It’s called the Force Multiplier Method & Copilot Branding Blueprint™.

Would it be a ridiculous idea if we showed you how:

...you can use this proven formula to significantly grow your revenue on autopilot WITHOUT throwing good money at bad marketing or losing patients to your competition?

Want to chat about it? Chat with our QuickBot above to get in touch.

Best of luck in your journey!

Jake and the Quick Point Marketing Group

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