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(Part 1)

Medical Spa Funnel

Use this funnel to get leads for Medical Spa clients.

(Part 1) 

Chiropractic Clinic Funnel

Use this funnel to get leads for Chiropractor clients.

(Part 2) 

The 3 Secrets to Getting Your Clients Results in 2020 and Beyond

The game has changed, and it's getting worse. How we've shifted to get results for digital marketing clients (applies to any niche). 

(Part 3) 

Get Your Clients a 72.9% Lead Response Rate with This Sequence

Walkthrough and template for 5 day SMS sequence that gets leads to respond on autopilot.

(Part 4) 

Getting Clients: Our Secret Strategy To Get Business Owners To Call You 

A "sideways" path to get them on the phone, and close them as a client.   

(Part 5) 

Getting Clients: Getting Them Hooked on a Trial (that actually closes them)

I used to waste DAYS setting up trials, until I figured out this way to do it in minutes and give them a "sample" trial that takes 5 minutes to setup and hooks them as a client.  

(Part 6)

The Template to Increase Appts Booked by 30%   

Steal our thank you page template we used to boost our client's appointments booked by at least 30%.  

(Part 7) 

The Conversion Engine For Digital Marketing Clients that Grew Revenue 4X

This conversion engine template will work for any niche, and it puts all the pieces together into one awesome conversion engine that you can implement for your clients. We have 4X'ed our client businesses with this template. 

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