Want to learn how to consistently bring new Chiropractic patients in the door?

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Ready to throw in the towel? 

Don't do it...you got this!

Want a steady stream of patients coming in the door to your Chiropractic Clinic everyday, but you’ve thrown thousands of dollars away trying to get your internet marketing to work? You might feel skeptical whether it even works? Or overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. Or frustrated at the broken promises made by 20 yr old "marketing experts" working from their mom's basement. :) 

We know what that feels like...that's why we do what we do :)

What once worked...doesn't anymore. 

Heard this one before? "We'll run ads to a landing page and get you a TON of leads!"

Well, that's great...but why don't those "leads" ever remember filling out a form, and treat you like a sleezy telemarketer when you call? 


...it's become so easy to blast advertising everywhere that mistrust is at an all-time high...and this mistake will continue to eat up your marketing budget faster than a wood chipper!

Want proof? Just go look at how many unread marketing emails you have sitting in your inbox! 

Remember when you used to build relationships? 


Would you go to a cocktail party, walk up to a group of strangers, and start hard selling them on your chiropractic services...telling them how great you are, and return 16 times to ask them if they want a free consultation?

Of course not. Well, why are we comfortable doing this online? 

Somewhere along the way, we ALL forgot that we're talking to REAL people on the internet, not some bottomless pit of potential $$$.

Makes sense, you say...but how can I build relationships, ONLINE, with potential patients AND win business...without burning a hole in my pocket?

I'm glad you asked :) It's simple.

Be helpful. Win their trust to win their business.

This is how you do that:

Copilot branding blueprint for medical spas

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This unique digital marketing framework has helped our medical practice clients triple their business, put them on #1 on Google, and help them fly well above their competition...all with a 1700%+ Return on Ad Spend. The best part...because of the massive amount of goodwill they have built, patients freely choose them, instead of the other way around.

Resources to help your chiropractic practice grow:

Is your marketing HIPAA compliant?

Free Cheatsheet: Most Chiropractic Practices are unknowingly violating HIPAA on social media. Learn the Top 3 HIPAA Violations, and a checklist to fix it.

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Chiropractic Case Study:
How To Add $233,940 By Using One Simple Facebook Ad  

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