Medical Spa Facebook Ads Case Study

How Mountain Radiance Turned $1,532 Into $27,272 With One Simple Facebook Ad

I get the chance to speak with a lot of medical spas, and Mountain Radiance, like many others, had tried Facebook ads in the past. In fact, they had spent upwards of $5000 to try and get them to work--unfortunately, it wasn't working, and they were convinced that it "wouldn't work for his business".  

Have you said this yourself (or thought about it)?

Many small business owners are convinced that it just doesn’t work. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the medical spa industry. 

There are many potential reasons why your Facebook marketing campaigns aren't working, and it’s probably due to one (or more) of these reasons:

  • The wrong ad copy
  • The wrong pictures
  • The wrong offer (what deal are you offering)
  • The wrong targeting (the demographic you are targeting on Facebook)
  • The landing page was done wrong

The root of the problem wasn't that Facebook Ads "don't work for medical spas", but rather that Mountain Radiance wasn't using the right system to make it work successfully.

After a strategy session we set up Mountain Radiance Medical Spa with our proven medical spa marketing program consisting of proven offers, ads, landing pages, and retargeting. Dr. Zacher made a smart call to smartly invest in our Facebook Ads system. here are the results he was able to achieve:

Here are the exact results we were able to achieve in 2 months:

Med Spa Case Study Results from Facebook

Dr. Zacher was thrilled with the results, and these are results that can be achieved by ANY medical spa. Our "secret sauce" to getting these results comes from the expertise we have in developing effective online marketing funnels. Additionally, since we focus on digital marketing for medical spas, we have tested out our strategies across the country, and we are able to now use that knowledge to get results--regardless of where your medical spa is located, or what you offer. 

Med Spa Facebook Ads Testimonial from LinkedIn Website Snapshot

How Can This Help Your Med Spa?

Based on the results that we were able to achieve for Mountain Radiance Med Spa, we can run some quick calculations to see whats possible to achieve with a similar Facebook marketing campaign:

  1. Average Cost to acquire a new patient lead: $6.43
  2. Percentage of leads that became paying patients: 28%
  3. Average Cost to acquire a new paying patient ($6.43/28%): $22.96
  4. Average Value that each paying patient was worth in the short term (this number would be considerably higher if considering the lifetime value of each new patient) : $401

You are paying $22.96 to get $401 in revenue (short term only...its likely higher over the time period of a year or more that the patient is with you).

 Return on Ad Spend is $401/22.96 = $17.46

This means that for every $1 spent on ads, you would generate $17.46 in revenue

How To Add Six Figures In Revenue To Your Med Spa

So here are a couple scenarios to show you what is possible to achieve with these proven numbers:

If you spent $500/month on Facebook Ads:

Monthly Revenue Generated: $500 x $17.46 = $8,730

Annual Revenue Generated: $104,760

If you spent $1500/month on Facebook Ads:

Monthly Revenue Generated: $1500 x $17.46 = $26,190

Annual Revenue Generated: $314,280

Next Steps

Keep in mind that this exact system can be repeated with multiple product lines. At first, it seems far-fetched, but one must realize that 79% of ALL Americans are on Facebook, and this is where you will get the highest ROI. The beautiful thing about digital marketing (vs. Print Ads) is that you can measure everything, and every number is trackable. What gets measured, gets managed, and this is a system that can start generating results in as little as 48 hours. 

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