Want to learn how to consistently bring new Med Spa patients in the door?

Discover The Exact Blueprint Our Clients Are Using To TRIPLE Their Revenue with Online Marketing.

Ready to throw in the towel? 

Don't do it...you got this!

Want a steady stream of patients coming in your door everyday, but you’ve thrown thousands of dollars away trying to get your internet marketing to work? You might feel skeptical whether it even works? Or overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. Or frustrated at the broken promises made by 20 yr old "marketing experts" working from their mom's basement. 

We know what that feels like...that's why we do what we do :)

What once worked...doesn't anymore. 

Heard this one before? "We'll run ads to a med spa offer landing page and get you a TON of leads!"

Well, that's great...but why don't those "leads" ever remember filling out a form, and treat you like a sleezy telemarketer when you call? 


...it's become so easy to blast advertising everywhere that mistrust is at an all-time high...and this mistake will continue to eat up your marketing budget faster than a wood chipper!

Want proof? Just go look at how many unread marketing emails you have sitting in your inbox! 

Remember when you used to build relationships? 


Would you go to a cocktail party, walk up to a group of strangers, and start hard selling them on your med spa...telling them how great you are, and return 16 times to ask them if they want a free consultation?

Of course not. Well, why are we comfortable doing this online? 

Somewhere along the way, we ALL forgot that we're talking to REAL people on the internet, not some bottomless pit of potential $$$.

Makes sense, you say...but how can I build relationships, ONLINE, with potential patients AND win business...without burning a hole in my pocket?

I'm glad you asked :) It's simple.

Be helpful. Win their trust to win their business.

This is how you do that:

Copilot branding blueprint for medical spas

Discover how the Copilot Branding Blueprint™ could 3X your spa, and make you the most loved.

This unique digital marketing framework has helped our med spa clients triple their business, put them on #1 on Google, and help them fly well above their competition...all with a 1700%+ Return on Ad Spend. The best part...because of the massive amount of goodwill they have built, patients freely choose them, instead of the other way around.

Resources to help your Med Spa grow:

Is your marketing HIPAA compliant?

Free Cheatsheet: Most Med Spas are unknowingly violating HIPAA on social media. Learn the Top 3 HIPAA Violations, and a checklist to fix it.

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Want your own Copilot Branding Blueprint™ that will ​bring you more patients without wasting time or money?

Botox Case Study: Mountain Radiance Med Spa
How To Turn $1,532 Into $27,272 With One Simple Facebook Ad  

 Read more about our client, Mountain Radiance Med Spa, who brought in $17 in sales for each $1 in ad spend, on autopilot.

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    Learn the 5 reasons your ads are failing...and why theirs is working...and has been for the last 2 years running.  
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    Learn how investing $1500/m in ad spend can translate to $314,280 in additional revenue...just from Botox. 

 Doubled His Business in 6 Months, and Doubled Again 12 months later:

Thank goodness I found Jake...They did a complete re-design of my website, improved SEO, and basically KILLED the FB marketing! It is truly amazing what they have been able to do for my Med Spa practice in Asheville. They have doubled my business, my schedule is full.

Dr. Zacher

Mountain Radiance Medical Spa PLLC

Med Spa Marketing Companies - Should I Hire An Agency Or Do It In-House?

Aesthetic practices that are asking themselves whether or not they should hire somebody to do their marketing, have already reached a point where either their current marketing plan has let them down, or they have yet to actually start marketing their med spa, besides the standard networking, business cards and other local business development initiatives.

But the problem remains the same:

They are trying to grow their medical practice or spa, and don’t yet have a steady stream of new patients coming in the door. To answer the question whether to hire out digital marketing activities for my medical spa or to do it in-house, I would ask myself two questions:

1. Do I have a proven marketing blueprint that works...one that’s been proven to work by other medical spas?

2. Once I have the blueprint, do I have somebody on my team that can execute on that blueprint? This could be a spa marketing manager, office manager or a receptionist that is technically savvy and has clear instructions to follow.

If the answer to both of those questions is no, then I would strongly consider hiring a marketing agency that is experienced in growing medical spas. At Quick Point we have quadrupled the size of medical spas before, and that experience is invaluable when you need to grow without going through years of trial and error (trying to find what works).

But...some medical spas, day spas, and other esthetics businesses are too small to afford hiring a marketing agency.

For that, we’ve come up with a product that helps these types of businesses:

Esthetics Marketing on Autopilot Blueprint

We call it the Esthetics Autopilot Blueprint

This is an 8-week consulting and training program that will give our marketing blueprint in a box to a medical spa, day spa, or either esthetics business...including 1-on-1 coaching, an entire video course, access to our special marketing software, call, and most importantly: new patient revenue. This exact blueprint is the one we use to grow esthetic businesses 2X - 10X. You can learn more about it by watching the case study here

Should I Hire a Med Spa or Aesthetic Practice Consulting Firm?

If you're dealing with more operational, financial, or med spa business plan issues, then an aesthetic practice consultant may be a good fit for you. Many doctors will just try and "figure it out" on their own, but what they do not realize is the “opportunity cost of time”:

Scenario A:
You spend the next six months without revenue while you pursue “trial and error”. However, you eventually figure it out on your own without spending a dime on a consultant, and hit $40,000 a month in 6 months time. If your Med Spa potential monthly revenue is $40,000 a month…then you have just given up $240,000. This is the opportunity cost of time.

Scenario B:
You work with a medical spa consultant who charges you $45,000. With her help, you get your medical spa up and running in record time, and are now generating $40,000 a month in 3 months time. As a rough wag at the 6 months point, you’ve now spent (let’s keep it simple and say) $65,000 and have made $120,000 in revenue.

Which scenario would you rather be in? I think the answer is obvious. But there is one scenario that needs to be addressed:

What if you don't have enough money to pay a consultant upfront?

As it’s commonly said: You either have one of two things: time or money, and if you don't have money then you obviously have to choose scenario A...But at least if you have a proven blueprint for your med spa you will be marching in the right direction during that 6 months and not in a direction that is leading to failure.

Although we don’t have operational consulting solutions, we do have a marketing blueprint course, which we think solves one of the top 2 problems: Generating new patients.